C – a list of resources

Updated: 21-Jul-2023


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LoRaWAN data rates and payload sizes

Updated: 16-Mar-2022

Data RateConfigurationIndicative Bit Rate (b/s)N
0LoRa: SF12 / 125 kHz25051
1LoRa:SF11 / 125 kHz44051
2LoRa:SF10 / 125 kHz98051
3LoRa:SF9 / 125 kHz1760115
4LoRa:SF8 / 125 kHz3125222
5LoRa:SF7 / 125 kHz5470222
6LoRa:SF7 / 250 kHz11000222
7FSK: 50 kbps50000222
EU863-870 Data Rates – Source: https://resources.lora-alliance.org/technical-specifications/rp2-1-0-3-lorawan-regional-parameters
N: maximum application payload length, in the absence of the optional FOpt control field

Edge AI

Updated: 30-Nov-2021


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Connecting a battery to the mangOH Yellow

I attended the Sierra Wireless Innovation Summit, on last Wednesday and Thursday. Which means that I got the opportunity to play with a mangOH Yellow board and Octave, and that I brought back home the board 🙂

Before starting to write my first own application, today I connected a lithium-ion battery to the board, and configured Octave to display charge status. Which took me less than one minute. Impressive.

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