Some programmable wireless ICs and modules

Updated: 29-Mar-2023

Some integrated circuits or modules providing wireless connectivity (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Public Land Mobile Radio aka 2G/3G/4G, etc.) or satellite positioning, can host some customer code. Below, some of them.

Note (on the 29-Mar-2023): I haven’t been updating this post for almost a year now. It may contain some old references that are no more valid. I will review it some time soon.



  • KG100S, from Quectel    NEW
  • FMLR RF module, from Miromico – Renesas S3A6 ARMCortex-M4 microcontroller, LoRaWAN stack, GPIO, SPI, I2C, USB, UART
  • SAM R34/R35, from Microchip – Arm Cortex-M0+ – around US$ 5  in 5000 quantity (Nov-2018)
  • Type ABZ module, from Murata – FSK, OOK, LoRa, LoRaWAN – STM32L0 MCU
  • AcSIP modules – Cortex core + SX1276 or SX1278
  • MultiConnect xDot, from Multitech – run ARM’s mbed OS – LoRaWAN 1.0.1 – Sep-2016
  • RM1xx, from Laird – LoRaWAN + Bluetooth 4.0 – around 16 € (Aug-2016)
  • LoPy – implements LoRaWAN. Can be used as a nano gateway. Pre-order for shipping Aug-2016: 29.95 €
  • LoRaONE – on Kickstarter – GPS, accelerometer, magnetometer, I/Os… – 89 € (Apr-2016)
  • Adafruit Feather 32u4 RFM95W LoRa Radio – 900MHz – US$ 39.95 (Apr-2016)
  • MultiConnect mDot, from MultiTech – runs ARM’s mbed OS





Misc. short-range radio


  • CC1310 from TI – sub-1GHz ultra-low-power – Cortex-M3 – Cortex-M0 dedicated to RF – on-chip DC-DC converter

PLMN (i.e. cellular)

Unlicensed bands

GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System)

To be continued…