Munic.Box data

Munic.Box is a wireless OBD device for vehicles, designed by Mobile Devices, a company that designed several other devices (C4, Dreevo, etc.)

The Munic.Box is highly configurable. It can monitor many vehicle parameters (location, speed, acceleration, etc.) in real time, including some OBD data. Data is sent to CloudConnect, a communication server that can forward received data to your own application, thanks to a webhook.

I recently had the opportunity to spend a few days in implementing a (very) small web application that can be used as a target for CloudConnect‘s webhook. This application decodes the three different types of data that can be received from the Munic.Box: presence, track and message.

The application source code is available on GitHub. It is not a production grade code. But it illustrates how to decode JSON-encoded data received from CloudConnect. It’s written in Java, and I provide information about how to run it in a Docker container so that it does not depend on your server configuration.