The Internet of Things: an overview

This is the fourth year I give my classes about the Internet of Things, to postgraduate students of a Telecom and Electronics Master of the University of Nice (France). From six hours for previous years, my course slot increased to nine hours. Consequently, I was able to spend more time on some important topics, like communications and embedded software. And I introduced two new sections: big data and security.

The new edition of the presentation I use as a support is available on SlideShare.

Munic.Box data

Munic.Box is a wireless OBD device for vehicles, designed by Mobile Devices, a company that designed several other devices (C4, Dreevo, etc.)

The Munic.Box is highly configurable. It can monitor many vehicle parameters (location, speed, acceleration, etc.) in real time, including some OBD data. Data is sent to CloudConnect, a communication server that can forward received data to your own application, thanks to a webhook. Continue reading “Munic.Box data”