Connecting a battery to the mangOH Yellow

I attended the Sierra Wireless Innovation Summit, on last Wednesday and Thursday. Which means that I got the opportunity to play with a mangOH Yellow board and Octave, and that I brought back home the board 🙂

Before starting to write my first own application, today I connected a lithium-ion battery to the board, and configured Octave to display charge status. Which took me less than one minute. Impressive.

The steps I followed (it is assumed that the Octave account is already created, and that the mangOH board is already linked to it. If this is not the case, simply follow the mangOH Yellow Getting Started guide):

  • start the board
  • check that it is visible on Octave
  • connect the battery
  • on Octave, display mangOH resources:
  • expand battery resource, if not yet expanded, and set enable to true and period to 30 (for instance. Information refresh period will be 30 seconds). Click on APPLY button.
  • around 30 seconds later, Octave displays battery charge information:

For more articles about mangOH and Octave, check this link.