C – a list of resources

Updated: 21-Jul-2023


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Edge AI

Updated: 30-Nov-2021


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A list of device software environments

Updated: 26-Mar-2020

A list of device software environments that provide some IoT-oriented functions:

To be continued…

Client / server with UDP in Go

I have to integrate some Go applications into a distributed validation environment that I’m currently developing.  These applications use UDP to exchange messages. I’m well experienced in message-based communication, for several different types of transport layers (wireless, wired, half duplex, full duplex…) but never got the opportunity to use the UDP/IP stack until today.

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A list of IoT platforms

Updated: 15-Oct-2023

A word of caution: platform can have different meanings in the list below. It can be a software development framework, a software application providing communication (and possibly management and storage) services, a hosted application providing those services, etc. But the common point between all the items in the list is at least some technical mean easing communication between devices in the field (in vehicles, at home, in the pocket, around the wrist, etc.) and some users, usually through some part of the Internet.

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