Connecting devices

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20160501-PB-c-1-smallMy name is Pascal Bodin. I have more than 25 years of experience in developing systems integrating connected devices. Today, the trendy acronym used to describe most of these systems is IoT (Internet of Things).

Since the 90’s, I have delivered many systems, under tight resource and time constraints. Most of these systems provide real-time tracking and control functions. I ensured smooth integration of many different wireless technologies. I designed several devices, and developed associated SDK and communication stacks.

I hold a Master of Engineering from the French graduate engineering school Telecom Bretagne (now IMT Atlantique). I hold one granted patent, and four pending ones, in the field of connected devices. I’m a part time lecturer at the University of Nice, where I speak about IoT and M2M.

I’m available for part time freelance assignements. Check below how I can help you for your connected devices projects.

To get more information about my skills, check my LinkedIn profile, follow me on Twitter, check some of my code on GitHub, look at some of my presentations on Slideshare, or visit my personal website.

Some projects

Project audit – services for connected objects
Waste removal tracking system
Accessing OBD information
Proof of concept
Audit of an embedded device
RTOS and ESP-01/ESP8266
Proof of concept
Vehicle tracking device
Detecting lightning flashes
Identifying sailing boats leaving a harbor
Proof of concept
Video streams over LTE
Proof of concept

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