My name is Pascal Bodin. I started developing systems integrating connected objects in the 90’s. Today, the trendy acronym used to describe most of these systems is IoT (Internet of Things).

I have designed, developed and delivered many systems, under tight resource and time constraints. I ensured smooth integration of various wireless technologies. I designed several devices, and developed associated SDK (Software Development Kit) and communication stacks.

I hold a Master of Engineering from the French graduate engineering school Telecom Bretagne (now IMT Atlantique). I hold two granted patents, and three pending ones, in the field of connected devices. I’m a part time lecturer at the University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis, where I speak about IoT.

My experience encompasses the three technical fields required to design reliable IoT systems: communication systems, electronics, software development. And I am well-experienced in integrating components from these fields.

As an independent contractor, I provide expert advice, mainly for two project phases:

  • when the project starts, to help making the right decisions for connecting devices: type of connectivity, application-layer protocols, embedded software development, communication server, global architecture, etc.
  • when an on-going project faces technical difficulties relating to device connection: technical architecture audit, embedded software audit, test procedure definition, dedicated tooling development, etc.

My expertise allows me to put your project (back) on the right track, in a very short time frame (usually between 2 and 5 days).

Additionally, I develop dedicated software libraries that provide the communication layer of the system, for bare metal or RTOS targets. I deliver the associated central-side communication server.