My name is Pascal Bodin. I started developing systems integrating connected objects in the 90’s. Today, the trendy acronym used to describe most of these systems is IoT (Internet of Things).

I have designed, developed and delivered many systems, under tight resource and time constraints. I ensured smooth integration of various wireless technologies. I designed several devices, and developed associated SDK (Software Development Kit) and communication stacks.

I hold a Master of Engineering from the French graduate engineering school Telecom Bretagne (now IMT Atlantique). I hold two granted patents, and three pending ones, in the field of connected devices. I’m a part-time lecturer at the University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis, where I speak about IoT.

My experience encompasses the three technical fields required to design reliable IoT systems: communication systems, electronics, software development. And I am well-experienced in integrating components from these fields.

As an independent contractor, I can help you putting your IoT project on the right track, with following assistance:

  • advice regarding use cases, types of connectivity, application-level protocols, etc.
  • development of proofs of concept or prototypes, and delivery of the associated codebase, which can then be used to jump-start the development of your product

Additionally, when an on-going project faces technical difficulties relating to device connection, I can assist with audits of the technical architecture and of the communication layer code, with the definition of specific test procedures, with the development of dedicated tools, etc.

Some of the technical environments that I have been using or used:

  • communication layers:
    • cellular (GPRS, 3G, 4G)
    • LPWAN (LoRa / LoRaWAN, Sigfox)
    • digital trunked radio (TETRA)
    • professional mobile radio (PMR)
    • unlicensed short distance radio
    • Wi-Fi
    • Bluetooth
    • satellite (Inmarsat-C)
    • etc.
  • microcontrollers / boards:
    • ST STM32L0
    • Espressif ESP8266
    • MangOH and Sierra Wireless WP85XX module
    • NXP LPC1115
    • NXP (originally Motorola) 68HC11
    • etc.
  • embedded software environments:
    • bare-metal
    • FreeRTOS
    • Mbed
    • Legato
    • Android
    • etc.
  • programming languages:
    • assembly languages
    • C
    • C++
    • Java
    • Scala
    • golang
    • Pascal
    • etc.
  • desktop, server, mainframe:
    • Docker
    • VirtualBox
    • Vagrant
    • Drupal
    • Angular
    • Akka
    • Linux, Microsoft Windows, macOS
    • VMS
    • VM/CMS
    • etc.