Which domains?

My core expertise lies in connecting devices to central or mobile applications. My experience encompasses all required technical domains:

  • protocols (definition, implementation, integration)
  • embedded software development for bare metal / RTOS targets
  • interfacing microcontroller boards to sensors and actuators
  • communication servers (implementation, data conversion, interfacing to application server, etc.)
  • test

My usual activities are:

  • development of proofs of concept
  • definition of communication architectures
  • development of embedded application-level protocol stacks
  • technical audit of projects
  • support to formalization of user needs
  • training

I can adapt quickly to any new technical environment. As an illustration, here is a list of some environments I have already used, among others:

  • Cypress PSoC 4 (Cortex-M0 core and programmable mixed-signal hardware IP) – PSoC CreatorC language – bare metal programming
  • Espressif ESP8266 (Wi-Fi SoC) – C language – Espressif RTOS, based on FreeRTOS
  • AndroidJavaAndroid Studio
  • Microchip RN42 (Bluetooth radio) as a beacon for an Android application
  • NXP LPC1115 (Cortex-M0 core) – LPCXpresso IDEC language – bare metal programming
  • Digi ConnectPort X4 with a Libelium LoRa USB keyPython
  • Libelium WaspmoteLibelium IDE (compatible with Arduino IDE) – C++
  • Arduino with VisualStudio Code
  • STMicroelectronics STM32Cube
  • Sierra Wireless WP Series 4G module – LegatoC++
  • Mobile Devices C4, Dreevo and MunicMorpheusASN.1
  • Java, JavaFX, MySQL, Object Pascal, C++Linux, Windows – when required, I can develop in Scala, Go, Python… as well
  • Eclipse, IntelliJ
  • etc.

Additionally, I’m experienced in project management and related domains:

  • agile project management
  • team leading
  • formalization of user needs
  • mentoring, training

To get a better understanding of how I can help you, check some of the projects I delivered.