When you contact me, I first listen. The more you tell me (objectives, specific constraints, mid-term targets, etc.), the better it is. I then provide you with a proposal detailing:

  • my understanding of your requirements
  • for each requirement, the list of technical tasks required to fulfill the requirement
  • an estimated workload for every task
  • the list of deliverables
  • what I’ll need from you to start working (technical data, electronic board, etc.)
  • a delivery date. For a workload greater than 14 person-days, I usually plan one intermediate delivery at least
  • the cost

Cost depends on planned workload, of course. But several parameters can reduce it:

  • if I will have fun working on your project (creative work, cool team, ARM core, some hardware, etc.)
  • if I can apply an open source license to a part of the code I’ll develop for your project
  • if future royalty payments are possible
  • if an equity award is possible
  • if delivery date is far from now
  • if workload is more than 14 person-days

Cost is a fixed cost.

I work remotely, from a place nearby Sophia-Antipolis (southeast of France). If travel is required, the Nice airport (the third busiest airport in France) is only 30 minutes far.

To share project information with you in almost real time, I provide you with an access to a private project repository, where you’ll find all deliverables regularly updated: design documentation, reference documents, source code, electronic schematics, tests, bug reports, burn down chart, etc.

My project repository is based on GitLab. My configuration is described here. The burn down chart I use is described here.

I adhere to the Manifesto for Agile Software Development values and principles