Client / server with UDP in Go

I have to integrate some Go applications into a distributed validation environment that I’m currently developing.  These applications use UDP to exchange messages. I’m well experienced in message-based communication, for several different types of transport layers (wireless, wired, half duplex, full duplex…) but never got the opportunity to use the UDP/IP stack until today.

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A list of IoT platforms

Updated: 21-Nov-2018

A word of caution: platform can have different meanings in the list below. It can be a software development framework, a software application providing communication (and possibly management and storage) services, a hosted application providing those services, etc. But the common point between all the items in the list is at least some technical mean easing communication between devices in the field (in vehicles, at home, in the pocket, around the wrist, etc.) and some users, usually through some part of the Internet. Continue reading “A list of IoT platforms”

mangOH Red: configuring Developer Studio


In this article, we will see how to add Developer Studio, the Sierra Wireless Eclipse-based IDE, to the VM we built in previous article. By default, Developer Studio is configured for a previous version of Legato (the official production version). To be able to use the latest Legato version that we installed in previous article, some additional configuration must be performed. We will go through associated steps. Continue reading “mangOH Red: configuring Developer Studio”

mangOH Red: using a Linux Mint VM for development

Updated: 13-May-2018


To develop for the mangOH Red board, you can use an Ubuntu-based virtual machine, provided by the mangOH team. It turns out that I prefer Linux Mint to Ubuntu, mainly because of the window manager, and I wanted to start trying to understand how the mangOH development environment is structured and works. So I decided to set up my own development VM, based on Linux Mint.

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Internet of Things and Connected Devices: an overview

I just delivered a new version of the talk I give to postgraduate students of a Telecom and Electronics Master of the University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis (France). I added the presentation of a simple end-to-end IoT system demonstrator, using LoRa in device-to-device mode, that I specifically developed for this talk.

The presentation is available on SlideShare, while the demonstrator source code is available on GitHub.

Building several executables in one Eclipse CDT project

After having imported some C projects into Eclipse CDT, I needed, for one of the projects, to build several executables, all of them being defined in the same project. What’s more, some of the executables had to be linked with object files created by another project. This article describes the configuration I set up to meet theses requirements.

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Importing a C project into Eclipse CDT

I’m currently writing some C code. I have chosen to use Eclipse CDT as IDE. Eclipse is very powerful, but configuring it in the right way when starting a project can be complex. This article describes steps I followed to import some existing C code, creating a managed project. It is assumed that the reader has a basic knowledge of Eclipse. Continue reading “Importing a C project into Eclipse CDT”